Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tasty Tuesday!

Let's talk about fish....I NEVER liked fish growing up. That all changed when I met my husband.  He's a big fisherman and I'll usually only eat fish that he catches (with the exception of salmon--I will buy that from the store and eat it). 

We go to Destin, Florida every year in October for Fall Break and Dustin always goes dip sea fishing.  Do I go?  NO...I've learned my lesson (chumming for fish, anyone?) Gross.  I wanted to die.

Anyway...Dustin caught some red snapper this year that we enjoyed fresh as delicious fish tacos (yum, yum, yum).  We froze the rest and decided to have some this weekend! 

Here's how we prepared it:
-Cut in smaller chunks for me (I'm weird about consistency and like my fish smaller--don't judge)
-Season with salt, pepper and chili powder
-Pan sear in olive oil, 5 minutes each side until fish is flaky

We put diced tomatoes, avocado (my fav!), cilantro, hot sauce and lime on top and enjoyed like a naked taco! Whole30 approved!  You could add lettuce, black beans or any other toppings!  So yummy and healthy! 


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