Monday, January 11, 2016

How are you supporting your loved one's goals?


Can I just take a minute to brag about my husband, Dustin? We've been on our own individual fitness journeys but doing it together (if that makes sense!)

He's lost more than 30lbs (thank you, #Whole30) & has been lifting & running at our local gym. Like I mentioned in a previous post, before his weight loss he had a slipped disc in his back & his doctor told him not to run or lift (Dustin LOVES to run...he's been running since he was a little kid). Not. Cool.

He's back to running & the weight isn't holding him back anymore! In September (before he started losing weight) he ran the 5K at the Indy Heart Walk in 23:22 minutes. This week, he ran a 5K on the treadmill in 20:41. He's set a goal to get under 19:00 minutes, which I bet will be no problem for him!

Dustin is signed up for a 5K in May & our boys & I will be there at the finish line cheering him on as he crushes his goal!

How are you supporting your partner or friend? I know if Dustin & I didn't cheer each other on to reach our own goals it would be a lot harder to reach them.


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