Monday, January 18, 2016

Motivational Monday!

Monday's are just the worst sometimes, aren't they?  They don't have to be though....Monday's are the start to a new week that can hold a lot of promise!  Here's a great article I just read about how to make your Monday's magnificent!

I particularly liked:
  • Starting your day with something positive: I obviously like to workout, but I also keep my "Jesus Calling" Daily Devotional in my bathroom so I read it first thing.  It really helps clear my mind and set the tone for my day.
  • Grad school on wheels: since I drive all day for work, I'm a strong believer in listening to podcasts while I'm driving for my own personal development. 
  • "Eat that Frog" (which is next up on my reading list!) is a great example of getting the thing you dread the most out of the way first thing--there, you're done and you can move on!


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