Thursday, August 16, 2018

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Whole30 Certified Coach

So, you've been thinking of trying Whole30?  Great!  I'm so happy for you to go through the next 30 days of changing your habits and relationship with food. For this crazy, busy working changed my life.  So much, that I became a Whole30 Certified Coach so I can help others take charge of their lives and change from the inside/out.

So why hire a Whole30 Certified Coach?  Aren't all the resources I would ever need free on the Whole30 website? Yep.  They are!  Go, find them for yourself...I'll wait...

However, based on feedback from fellow Whole30er's and folks that have failed Whole30...many feel they need a heightened level of accountability. And, hi!  That's where I come in!  So here's my 10 reasons why you should hire a Whole30 Certified Coach.

1.) Heightened Accountability: Having a coach to check in with and to check on you is MAJOR!  Doing something on your own can be hard and isolating.  Having a coach to check in with you who is an expert and veteran Whole30'er who understands what you're going through will certainly aid in your success.
2.) It's not hard, but can be tricky:"This is not hard...cancer is hard." -famous words from Whole30 Headmistress, Melissa Hartwig.  I'm sure you would agree that you can drink your coffee black for 30 days and it probably won't kill you.  But, reading labels is hard and tricky and having someone (other than Google) to consult on if an ingredient is compliant or what the heck is SWYPO will make your experience easier.
3.) You got skin in the game: Like I already mentioned, the Whole30 is free.  But, for some...they need to make a small financial investment in their health.  You'll be less likely to fail and more likely stick to the rules if you have paid a coach to help you through your Whole30 journey.
4.) You think you can't cook or meal prep: I hear this A TON from my clients.  They're not sure how to cook and can't even fathom how to meal prep past their Monday night's dinner.  I get it.  It can be overwhelming.  A coach can help you with easy grocery lists with the Whole30 meal template in mind, share recipes and how to meal prep. You'll be a meal prep ninja in no time!
5.) Talking you off the ledge: There is a reason people fail Whole30 in their first 10 are feeling like crap!  Your body is going through a sugar detox, your hormones are trying to get back on track and you're dreaming about donuts and pizza and chugging it down with some rose.  I get it.  However, if a coach can be there to talk you off the ledge and help you through the "darkest days," you'll be in the clear to finish out what you started.
6.) Reintroduce like a pro: Many people skip this step at the end of their 30 days (don't do it!)  Most Whole30 Certified Coaches won't leave you high and dry on day 31.  A coach can help you with the right kind of reintroduction for you to figure out exactly what foods are having certain effects on your body.
7.) Asking the hard questions: A coach will ask you the hard questions and help you figure out the psychological hold some foods may have on you.  The Whole30 just isn't an elimination diet protocol to figure foods that cause you inflammation, but also foods that perhaps provide comfort when you're stressed for example.  (So if you are turning to a sweet date & nut bar x3 instead of cookies when you're stressed--are you really changing that habit?)
8.) A coach can help you see past weight and focus on your HEALTH: There is a reason we tell you to get rid of the scale during your Whole30--the number on it doesn't define you! The NSV's (non-scale victories) such a better sleep, clearer skin, food not controlling you are EVERYTHING.  A coach can help you discover your NSV's this during your Whole30.
9.) Helping you find your Food Freedom: Hooray!  You made it through your Whole30.  But, now you're in a situation and you think you'd like to have a glass of wine and it's stressing you out whether you really want it or not.  Or, you kind of want a cookie...but you're afraid you'll then eat ALL the cookies.  We talk about your life after Whole30 a lot and how you can come to find your own food freedom forever.
10.) I'm actually kind of FUN: I get it. Whole30 can be intimidating (I certainly was intimidated and overwhelmed when I embarked on my first Whole30 in 2015).  But, I've grown and learned so much about myself each round I've done.  Whole30 can be fun though too!  I passionately believe it will snowball into changing your life and your heart and mindset.

Ready to go?  You can get on the list for my September Whole30 here (we start September 3rd and it's only $25 to join since this is my inaugural group coaching experience as a Whole30 Certified Coach):

Can't wait to help you change your life. xoxo

All Heart,